Anine Bacho
Good evening !! im very grateful to discover this site.. it will be useful to us, I’m sure I am one of the many that has been visiting this website. But i felt lonely because there is only English that I have been answering. Please make it wide and deeper ideas that you will share to us. i LOVE YOU guys. thanks a lot for having this site again.
Mingeline Cagas, Taguig City University
Anine Bacho
Ms.Eunice, thank you for sharing your soft copy and a video for us to know how to use your page. It is really helpful for us, LET takers, to practice or review with time limit. Also, the statistical percentage of each category help us to determine which category we failed and excel for us to know our strengths and weaknesses for us to study more. Again thank you very much. Keep up the good work. God Bless.
Anine Bacho, LET Taker
Anine Bacho
Yung gusto mag review online kahit may WORk, makapag review pa din. This what I did.
Thienna Sanchez Neis, ESL Teacher

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